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What We Need

Theater Space

NOHO Arts district has a myriad of choices.  We would like to be near the restaurants with enough space to make an impressive spectacle.  


Photo shoots, video production, stickers, flyers, mailers, t shirts all support our ad campaign.  We want to get the word out there so no one misses the show!


While many of them will be made, some will have to be purchased and maintained.  Blood gets messy!

FX and Makeup

In many shows, the actors will do their own makeup but with horror, you need help.  With five or six actors doing multiple roles, they will need to be cleaned up and prepared for the next play.  We would like two people and their supplies.

Lighting, Stage, and Music

A lighting technician, sound technician, and a stage manager.  We think big so we'd love a DJ to spin at intermission.


While our actors and directors are donating their time, we would like to make them comfortable during rehearsals and the show dates.


All products are gifts for donations received to make the show even better!