lahorrorstories 2017

LA Horror Stories



Explicit Language and Content

You may be offended or uncomfortable.  Sorry.  It's Horror.

Blood Effects

There will be blood effects and some may get on you.  The product we use is nontoxic and nonstainable.  We will offer plastic covers under the seats of the first two rows so if you choose not to be close to the action, arrive early to get the seats you choose.

Loud Music and Strobe

So.... be prepared.  I like it loud.

Arrive Early

Seats are first come first serve.  Tickets will be made available at the door but priority to those who purchase online. Buy tickets through  The Greydog Bar next to the theater will be offering a ten percent discount to our theater patrons.  

Libations and Souvenirs

We will have alcohol for donation.  Cash only donations.  The souvenirs, such as stickers and tshirts can be purchased though credit or cash donations.  When we sell out, we sell out.