April Littlejohn


Created LA Horror Stories officially in January of 2017.  After one of her plays has been produced, she knew she wanted to learn how to produce herself.  Her desire to revive theater in LA and showcase her talents as a writer led her to create LA Horror Stories.  Coming from the theater in Chicago, Il, and ending up in LA with  twenty years of experience in FIlm and Television.  She is a a two-time Emmy Award winning, and four time nominated Stuntwoman and starred in Women of Wrestling as RIOT, which was the sequel to GLOW.  She has developed her writing through her education at UCLA.  Her focus is writing and creating television shows, but has three books published, and several plays produced.  She wants to push the envelope in writing by telling edgy stories that will excite a modern audience. fuzzybottomstheater@gmail.com

About Us


LA Horror Stories

Horror has always been in excellent vehicle to tell a story and it has brought in a wide variety of audiences.  We started LA Horror Stories as a way to fill the need for more options during the Halloween season in LA.  From its first year, LA Horror Stories has become a hit with sold out audiences and multiple awards.  We have expanded to include other types of theater including the taboo production of "Pandora's Box" in 2019, and the upcoming show, "Bones" at the Avery Shreiber in NOHO May of 2020.

Our members

We do not require dues or contracts in our company and offer an open door policy based on loyalty and support.  We often audition and welcome people from all over and enjoy performances in other theater companies.  It's all about community for Fuzzy Bottoms and creating a memorable experience and a second home in LA.  


Theater is a love of passion and we are always in need of benefactors.  We are thankful for last year's Horror Angels.  If you would like to add to our production, please go to our donation page.